What are the 6 Elements that a Qualified High-End Gift Box Packaging Must Have?

Jan. 25, 2021

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Classical Green Paper Cufflink Box

Classical Green Paper Cufflink Box

Gift boxes are often used to promote interpersonal communication. How to customize high-end gift box packaging has also become a science. It is related to the sales of gifts and the effect of gift giving. It has attracted more and more attention from packaging manufacturers, merchants and end customers. A successful gift box packaging should have at least 6 points.

1. The packaging fits the attributes of the product. First of all, the fit with the gift box should be considered when designing. The gift box does not mean that the more beautiful and luxurious the better, the most important thing is to be able to echo the product and give the product extra points. The design concept of the gift box should be consistent with the concept of the product. In this way, the fit between the product and the gift box can be better reflected.

2. Packaging needs to consider the attributes of the end customer. For example, fashion gifts need to highlight trends and fashion factors on packaging; for example, gifts for female customers can use pink and other attributes that women prefer. For example, the age of the end customer, for young users, the packaging can be trendy, using more elements that young people like.

3. Packaging needs to be consistent with the overall corporate culture. High-end gift box packaging needs to be integrated with the company, reflect differentiation, highlight corporate culture, so as to be different, deepen customer brand recognition, and enhance brand loyalty. So as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales. The packaging should incorporate core elements such as the company's LOGO, main color, and company philosophy.

4. The packaging needs to protect the product and facilitate transportation. For example, if the products are all glass products, we must consider fixing the products to avoid loss during transportation. For different products, it is worth noting whether the outer packaging should be firmer or softer, and whether there is an inner lining.

5. Packaging processing needs to choose reliable manufacturers. A good manufacturer can meet our needs while being more secure in terms of production materials. The quality of packaging will affect the grade of product packaging. At the same time, we must choose a factory that is trustworthy and punctual, and timely delivery can ensure that we can provide the most considerate service for our customers.

6. The packaging needs to comply with the policy orientation. Excessive packaging increases the cost of customers, and at the same time, excessive packaging can also cause unnecessary waste of materials. Excessive packaging has aroused social concern, and Shanghai has introduced some measures to rectify excessive packaging. At present, environmental protection has gradually become our country's basic national policy. It is reflected in packaging, and environmentally friendly and recyclable materials should be used as much as possible. This is the embodiment of corporate social responsibility. Will be supported by more customers.

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